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Co-Hosts Will and Chad review the top 40 PPR players for this years fantasy draft. The results are listed below! Listen to the podcast for the full review and breakdown of each pick!

PPR Fantasy Picks 1-40

Round 1

  1. Le-Veon Bell

BELL COW. Despite contract disputes, Bell has shown that he is a triple threat. He can block, he can carry, he can pass. In a team with a middle of the pack defense, he is sure to be on the field for a majority of the offensive snaps. Don’t doubt him. 

    2. David Johnson

Don’t get handcuffed on the wrist injury. This is a large human being who can play and perform at every phase of the game. His season ending injury from last year is not one that will affect his fantasy performance this year. Draft him anywhere in the top 5 with confidence.

     3. Todd Gurley

This man can be drafted just like the previous two (anywhere in the top 5). These guys can play at every phase of the game and should perform in year 4 just like he did in year 3. With Brandin Cooks taking some defenders out of the box he (TG) could even have a bigger year.

    4. Alvin Kamara

Gutsy pick here and a lot of faith based off of the rookie performance last year. I expect a repeat performance for the OROY from last year and think that while he takes a hit from Ingram returning from suspension in week 5 and on, he will own the offense for most of the year. Would not be surprised to see Ingram traded before the deadline.

    5. Antonio Brown

8-4 excels at every phase of the game and continues to dominate premier DB’s. He eats up space off the line and uses savvy route-running to get open in the redzone. He is a target hog and a catch-machine. He produces more consistently with a healthy Big Ben than any other receiver in the NFL over the last three seasons.

    6. Kareem Hunt

His opening game as a rookie last year flashed his potential. From a fantasy perspective, playing with a rookie QB bodes will for the second-year pro. He catches the ball, runs the ball and can block. He will grow into a perennial power-house and if he stays healthy will be a fantasy leader.

    7. Odell Beckham Jr

A fantasy stud prior to being injured, OBJ is flashing his pre-injury self in practice. He figures to step back into his role as the immediate WR1 in big blue. A large, talented RB that was recently drafted is expected to make things a little less difficult for OBJ to get open in 2018.

   8. Ezekiel Elliot

The focal point of a sluggish offense, he will shoulder the future of the Cowboys. Dak Prescott regressed without Zeke in the backfield. With Alfred Morris gone for the winter, it will be Zeke toting the ball 20-25 times a game.

    9. Julio Jones

Heavy question marks surround his use in the red-zone and his OC’s play-calling abilities. The one thing that is unquestioned is his talent and physical ability. No other receiver is as capable of going off for a 200 yard game. Just don’t rely on him for TD production.

   10. Melvin Gordon

Melvin flashed his excellence last year but went missing for a lot of games. With the ability to catch out of the backfield this year (he’s always been able to catch but this year he should be featured) he will have a career year in targets and catches. If the WR corps holds up, Mel should set himself up for a nice fantasy year.

Round 2

   11. Deandre Hopkins

Deandre can perform with any QB under center. With a healthy Deshaun Watson, Hopkins should shine. Fans questions if Hopkins could shoulder the load when Andre Johnson was let go, but Deandre can catch anything that comes his way and should be in line for another year of triple-digit targets.

   12. Saquon Barkley 

Looking at the RB’s that get drafted in the top 10 over the last decade, there is a positive record. I think he outperforms Fournette and is a much better prospect. He catches, runs, blocks and doesn’t have a pertinent injury history. He also has an incredible WR corps to give him space to run.

   13. Leonard Fournette

With DUUUUUVVVAAALLLL solidifying themselves as a run-first team, they are going to rely on Leonard and that defense to carry Jacksonville to the AFC championship again. Blake Bortles was extended this past offseason with a contract that prove they believe more in the run game than the pass game.

   14. AJ Green 

AJ Green is an incredible player that I feel has barely scraped the surface of his potential. If he does not play with a higher caliber QB he will continue to slide in not only fantasy boards, but also HOF candidacy.

  15. Michael Thomas

An absolute stud with a large catch radius and fantastic hands. He will catch the majority of the WR targets that aren’t snaked by Alvin Kamara. He has gained Drew Bree’s Trust and is in line for 80-100 catches.

  16. Keenan Allen 

Phillip Rivers favorite target lit up the league in the latter half of last year in fantasy. If he can stay healthy this year he will be in line for 100+ targets and benefit from another year with the underrated bolo-tie of the West.

   17. Devonta Freeman

A candidate to rush for 1200+ yards and have 500+ receiving yards. Under Kyle Shanahan he was an absolute workhorse and it is still yet to be seen if Sarkisian can use a 21 personnel to get the most out of his running backs.

  18. Davante Adams 

When you play with the most talented active QB in the world there are some benefits. Even when he isn’t open in the red-zone, he’s still open in the red-zone. The most productive touchdown WR is going to get more looks with Jordy Nelson sent packing. We fully expect his rapport with A-Rod to grow and see double digit touchdowns from @taeadams

  19. Christian Mccaffrey

A PPR machine, we hope that Christian isn’t the next Tavon Austin. Last year his use felt unproductive in his first stint with the Panthers. He racked up catches and got in the end-zone and that’s all that matters in the fantasy world. Lets hope they use him the same way this year but he breaks a few tackles and takes them to the house.

   20. Rob Gronkowski

Feels like a reach here by maybe just a handful of picks but is still the most effective TE in the league with the highest ceiling of any TE and even some WRs. As long as TB12 is playing football and Gronk is healthy, we can never be surprised by a cohesive dominance from the du.

Round 3

21. Mike Evans

22. LeSean Mccoy

23. Dalvin Cook

24. Joe Mixon

25. Larry Fitzgerald (Consult the podcast for this pick)

26. Doug Baldwin

27. Adam Thielen 

28. Tyreek Hill 

29. Jordan Howard

30. Jerick Mckinnon

Round 4

31. Aaron Rodgers

32. Derrick Henry

33. Travis Kelce

34. Amari Cooper

35. Zach Ertz

36. Demaryius Thomas 

37. Josh Gordon

38. T.Y. Hilton

39. Lamar Miller 

40. Brandin Cooks



Draft picks made during a podcast (parts 1 and 2) by Will and Chad – Both podcasts available in the Podcast section for the full episodes and explanations of the picks.



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